Life Cycle Part 3

Jackson Karanjau

In my previous post, we discussed how it is kinda easy for life to form from simple inorganic compounds (abiogenesis). And since our galaxy is teeming with habitable planets, some being way older than Earth, why haven’t advanced alien civilizations found us?

First off, if there are advanced alien civilizations out there what would they look like? A Russian astrophysicist by the name Nikolai Kardashev hypothesised a scale ranking civilizations by their energy consumption, the Kardashev scale. The scale ranges from a Type 1 civilization to Type 3. (Later modifications stretch it till Type 6).

A Type 1 civilization will be able to access all of the energy available on its planet, e.g. solar, wind, geothermal, hydrogen, tidal, hydroelectric, fossil fuels e.t.c. Currently we are a Type 0.73 civilization and we will be entering Type 1 in the next several hundred years (i.e. assuming we would have figured out

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